Exercise: composite image (page 42)

I have learned a great deal about making a composite image. It has been a steep learning curve and, coming to this exercise with NO previous experience, I am pleased to have actually produced something.

I understand that the exercise is to produce an image that looks ‘real’ but cannot be, in order to illustrate how manipulated images can distort the ‘truth’ and provide misinformation. I am embarrassed at the lack of sophistication here but pleased with what it has taught me – that in expert hands there is no limit to what can be made to look real and how the images that we see are not always to be trusted to reflect reality.

The link is to an image of Tony Blair ‘constructed’ by Peter Kennard. Obviously the situation is not real but it does bring to light the opportunities available for manipulating images with unpredictable and perhaps dangerous consequences, Tony Blair selfie

For this exercise I used an image from my work in EYV as the background image. I then searched for public domain images of aeroplanes. My choice of planes was largely because I thought they would be quite easy to ‘cut out’ as a layer in Photoshop Elements. I didn’t want any tricky shapes or intricate curves to work around!

My inspiration for this image came from a magazine of creative photography projects as I very much liked an image that had in excess of one hundred planes flying close together. I cannot include the image to show you, because of copyright.

My attempts

My original image is my favourite. It is of three planes flying very close to city rooftops and I was pleased with it but then I was suddenly horrified that it may be reminiscent of the 9/11 terror attack that I thought it inappropriate to include it. However, here is a snippet so you get the idea.

So, I changed the background to a city square.

Planes over Millennium Square

I am pleased with the extent of my learning today, though mastering Photoshop is perhaps not really the crux of the learning!


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