Reflection 21 August 2017

I have slowed down when taking images. I admit I used to rush a bit when I first started this course, or rather I went straight to taking the photographs rather than thinking it out before hand. Now, I pre- plan what I want my images to convey and how I want them to do it.

When my husband and I decorate a room together, I always want to get the colour on the wall, straight away. He always wants to fill the tiniest cracks, gather all the best tools for the job, buy samples of this and that, lay the dust sheets, etc . I feel that I am like that now with photography. I need to set the foundations and get the plan in my head before I approach the final selection.

During assignment one (Dark Arches), instead of going straight out to take what I could find, I felt increasingly that I wasn’t at the ‘ready’ stage to just go and shoot. I needed time to think. I needed to plan my shoot, think about it and think how I would compose and expose each image and think about what I wanted to say. I approached the assignment by taking snapshots of my intended location, rather like a kitchen designer will produce a CAD image to give an idea of what the finished room will look like. I liked this approach and found it worthwhile.

This part of the course has widened my knowledge of practitioners and their different approaches and voice and I am pleased to be expanding my knowledge of the photography canon as I did with the literature canon a few years ago.


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