Assignment two (first submission)

Photographing the unseen


For this assignment I have chosen the subject of illiteracy. I was surprised to learn that one in five adults in the UK struggles to read and write to the extent that they cannot read a medicine label or use a cheque book. I am fortunate to be literate and numerate, and for this assignment I wanted to consider ordinary daily activities and how life may be affected by not being able to read. Many people try to hide the fact that they cannot read and use excuses when presented with situations where reading is expected. I have combined my images with relay narrative to add context and meaning and to add a sense that real people are living with illiteracy every day.


7 am ‘I would rather watch Breakfast News’

 8 am ‘Can you get it?’

9 am ‘I know the way’

10 am ‘I’ve forgotten my glasses’

3 pm ‘I use the eco setting for everything’

5 pm ‘All my recipes are in my head’

7 pm ‘It’s too late for a story tonight’


Contact sheets

Contact sheets assignment 2 (lliteracy) annotated final


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