Keith Greenough (Iron Man)

Iron Man

Greenough, in his series Iron Man, has photographed himself thirty times after competing in eight years’ worth of the running, cycling and swimming events that make up the Iron Man race.

Image by Keith Greenough, Iron Man

He has taken each image after competing, when he is exhausted and too tired to pose. He intends to show what it feels like to train for such an arduous sporting event. His series is using himself to say something about himself. Clearly, this form of activity and competition is central to Greenough’s life.

I’m not sure if he does actually show the hard work involved in training. He looks composed in his images and not particularly exhausted by his 26 mile run or his 112 mile bike ride.

Images by Keith Greenough, Iron Man

I think what these images show are Keith’s passion and determination, mainly due to the quantity of images which give an indication of how prolific his competition entries are. Yes, these images show a lot about this man; he is obviously energetic, determined, fit, competitive and successful. There is a respect and admiration for these athletes for certain but I’m just not sure if these images actually show all the hard work involved.

Going forward, for my assignment (Putting Yourself in the Picture) I can relate to this autobiographical style of portrait and exploration of identity. I think of my own life and trying to define the ONE thing that defines me most and that I could portray through images. The first thing that I think of is being a twin. I have an identical twin sister and she is a presence in my life that I cannot explain. I know what she thinks, I know what she likes, I know what her opinion would be, I actually know what it is like to be her and she knows what it is like to be me.



Bibliography (2017). I am an Ironman – Keith Greenough – Open College of the Arts Gallery. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Dec. 2017].


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