Reflection 30 December 2017

My photography has changed. It has been a while since I updated my ‘reflection’ section and I feel that I have moved forward. Buoyed along by my assignment 2 ‘results’ on ‘photographing the unseen’ and how my tutor commented that he ‘liked the way I had lots of ideas and thought through them’, I have formalised my approach for future. I now consider and document more options before making my final choice of assignment subject. I prepare ‘project proposal’ forms to help me to focus my thinking and keep a record of my ideas. I also find that I have things to ‘say’ and I consider more and more how to say them.


A big leap forward. In my ‘Square Mile’ days, the thought of photographing people was unthinkable, and the thought of photographing myself even more so. However, I now think ‘bring it on’ and to be honest  ….  I. do. not. care. I don’t care whether I am in the picture or not, I don’t care if I take images in a public space, and I don’t care if people wonder what I am doing or if I arouse curiosity.

I am also more inclined to reveal personal things about myself. Inspired particularly by Elina Brotherus and her honest portrayals of herself,  I now know that it is ok to be honest. To prove my point; for many years I suffered with Emetophobia (a real fear of being sick and of other people being sick). I kept it hidden for decades (apart from my nearest and dearest) but now I feel that, through photography, I want to highlight a very distressing condition. I have been thinking of ways to share this experience through photography and it may become the basis for assignment 3. I am cured now thankfully but I remember those days very well.

Another thing. When researching particular practitioners I am able to forge links and notice similarities or differences between previous artists studied and am building up a knowledge of the photography canon.


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