Tracey Moffat (Scorpio)

Under the sign of Scorpio

Tracey Moffatt’s work centres around people born under the star sign of Scorpio. Boothroyd says that Scorpions ‘are supposed to be dark in nature and thrive on danger; they are unpredictable and often successful’. (Boothroyd, S, p80).

Moffatt set up a studio in her own home and dressed up and performed in the guise of different famous female Scorpions with the intention of paying tribute to the many extraordinary women born between October 23rd and November 21st; capturing their spirit and likeness.

Photograph by Tracey Moffatt

Billie Jean King

Moffatt, like Nikki S Lee, has used clothes and wigs to transform herself into another identity. The difference is that Moffatt transforms herself into a named and specific individual whereas Lee becomes just another member of a group.

Moffatt clearly identifies herself as a Scorpion, and, rather like Keith Greenough (who identifies himself as an iron man) she has a single one thing that defines her.


Boothroyd, S (2014) Context and Narrative. Open College of the Arts.


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