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Idea 1 pigeon holes

Idea 1 (pigeon holes)

Part of the coursework for this module is to keep a diary for a few weeks and then to create a project from any ideas it generates or from any interesting parts of it.

My first diary entry was on a good day when I remarked that my ‘pots were full’. This is a personal expression and I don’t remember where it came from but it is reflective of my life and how I see it in ‘compartments’. Basically I like to make sure that all the important things in my life are ‘maintained regularly’ in order to ensure that I devote time to the things that contribute to my happiness and well being. My ‘pots’ (or pigeon holes) include:

  • seeing family and friends
  • photography and degree work
  • yoga
  • running
  • other hobbies
  • domestic things
  • eating healthily
  • work
  • social

So, my ‘friends and family pot’ is considered to be ‘full’ if I have not left it too long between visits. Other pots are full if I go for a run once a week or keep my blog up to date. This is a very personal response to this diary and I wouldn’t normally tell anyone about my ‘pots’ but hey ho, so what? I can recommend them!

Maybe I could take images that reflect my ‘pots’ and display them in 3 x 3 columns with each image adjoining rather like a traditional pigeon hole structure. This would probably fulfil the brief for assignment three ‘self portrait’ but I will revisit this nearer the time.