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Idea 2 visual pollution

Idea 2 (visual pollution)

Whilst driving home from a nearby town I was stuck by how ugly it was. There were advertising signs, shop signage, graffiti, litter, power lines, billboards, hoardings, shoddy manmade fences and boundaries and other eyesores.

The images below were taken quickly with my phone camera from my position as a passenger in a car.

I am often affected by this ‘visual overload’ and often consider how ugly ‘man made’ constructions can be and it needn’t be like that. There are spelling mistakes, glaring colours and apostrophe abuse and a whole host of ugly things that we are forced to look at day in and day out. If one day I could present a series of images that made these polluters think twice and reconsider just one of their signs then it will be a project worth considering.