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Idea 3 two sides of London

I have been briefly looking ahead to Assignment 1 which requires two sets of photographs that tell different versions of the same story. I have had a few preliminary ideas surrounding different view points and have been thinking about opposites and how they may generate different views of the same story:

  • Facts v feelings
  • Conservative v Labour
  • Rich v poor
  • Male v female
  • Adult v child
  • Good v bad
  • Beautiful v ugly

These are just ideas that are in my mind at the moment. Another idea came from reading about the recent tragedies in Manchester and London, including the Grenfell Tower fire.

I thought about showing two sides of London perhaps. The contrast of properties such as The Houses of Parliament with Grenfell Flats, the clothing finery of Ascot (not London I know but near enough) with the piles of donated second hand shoes for those made homeless by the fire. Designer shops and food banks etc. Although I have been thinking about different sides and different points of view, actually taking the images is not possible at the moment but it is something that I may return to.