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Idea 4 seeing differently

The assignment at the end of part one asks for two different sets of images that tell different versions of the same story. I am quite a few weeks away from starting this assignment but have already been thinking around it. One of my ideas came as a result of being in the garden without my contact lenses. I wondered how easy it is to assume that other people see what you do. I know, obviously, that some people have very poor, or no, sight, but on a daily basis I know that I am probably guilty of assuming that most people see what I do.

Actually that is rather a strange reaction from me as I do have quite poor eyesight when it is uncorrected. I am short sighted so daily life would prove quite difficult. I couldn’t drive for instance and I would struggle to see the number on the front of a bus. Supermarket shelves would be a huge blur and if someone came into the office I would struggle to tell if it was male or female from a distance.

So, I took two images in my garden. One that shows how I see most of the time with my contact lenses in  and one that reflects my natural sight. Here they are; an interesting thought.


The assignment brief suggests considering the project as evidence for a court case. A witness is only as good as his/her eyesight. If the Judge asked me ‘were there Marigolds in the garden’ I could confidently say ‘yes’ with my lenses in. Without them, I can’t even tell that there are any flowers.

I may return to this theme for the assignment.