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Dear Assessors

Context and Narrative


Dear Assessors

Thank you for taking the time to look at my learning blog. The main headings are:

Assignments – for each of the five assignments you will find posts relating to preparatory work, the assignment itself, my self assessment, tutor feedback with my response and reworks as required.

Coursework – here are all my completed coursework ‘exercises’ and ‘research points’.

Learning log – this is course directed as well as independent learning.

Practitioners – these posts show my research surrounding the practitioners covered in the course content as well as those that my tutor has recommended as part of his feedback and those that I have researched independently.

Exhibitions – these posts show all the exhibitions and galleries that I have visited.



Below are links to my assignments 

Assignment one (two sides of the story)

Assignment two (photographing the unseen)

Assignment three (self portrait)

Assignment four (essay)

Assignment five (making it up)

This link is to an exercise that I particularly engaged with and enjoyed

Exercise in part two (interpret a poem through photographs)

and here is my overall evaluation of a very enjoyable year with the OCA.

Overall evaluation – final May 18

Physical submission

  • I have submitted a clam shell box with my final printed assignment images, essay and optional overall evaluation. I have also included images taken in response to an exercise in part two; to choose a poem and interpret in through photographs.


  • I have submitted a sketchbook that I have used to collect ideas for inspiration, to consolidate my learning and jot down my thoughts; including mind maps and projects that may interest me in the future .


A little bit about me

This is my second year as a part time student of the Open College of Arts (OCA).  My first year was spent studying the Expressing your Vision module, under the excellent tutorage of Chris Coekin. This year is Context and Narrative and I feel privileged and honoured to have had Derek Trillo as my tutor.

Two years ago I had never even owned a camera and this course has opened my eyes to photography, the arts generally and creativity. I work in Finance, far removed from photography, and I have a degree in Literature.  I have found that my literature background has helped me with this course in many ways; for example, I have some knowledge of post modernism, stream of consciousness and death of the author and this helped me in part two. I also have experience in writing academic essays which I found helpful for assignment four.

Regarding photography I am learning a great deal and am looking forward to the rest of the course.